Bormann Funeral Home Welcomes You 

Bormann Funeral Home was originally established in North Maywood in 1893. In the early 1920s, the funeral home was relocated to 5th Avenue and Lake Street. In the '40s, Bormann once again found a new home, located on Broadway in downtown Melrose Park. The present location of Bormann Funeral Home at 1600 Chicago Avenue was constructed in 1952. Since that time, many projects for inside and outside modernization have been completed. In 1976, Richard Baczak purchased the long established home from the John Bormann family. Since that time, we have aimed at fulfilling our Philosophy of Service: meeting the needs of our community with dignity and without bias at the most reasonable cost. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve thousands of families over the years and to help lessen their burden in their time of grief.